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Afghan women’s strong support for republic

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Women held gatherings in various provinces on Sunday including Kabul to announce their support for the Islamic republic system. The gatherings took place at a time when ‘republic’ and ‘emirate’ are important points of discussion in the peace talks in Doha.
Around 1,000 women attended the gathering in the Loya Jirga tent in Kabul titled, “Afghan women’s voice in support of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.” Similar gatherings were held in other provinces yesterday.
Women in the gatherings said that their aim was to support the Islamic republic system in Afghanistan. According to them, women make half of the country’s population and if their legitimate demands are not met, lasting peace in the country is impossible.
Making great achievements under the republic system in the country, Afghan women fear their achievements will be compromised at the negotiating table with the Taliban. Both female officials and ordinary Afghan women air their concern about the return of the Islamic Emirate. They find their rights and freedoms vulnerable.
In the post-Taliban Afghanistan, women have proved that they are able to play a highly constructive role in the country’s social and political issues. They promoted their knowledge and skills and played key role in all spheres of life. Even during the ongoing year’s general university entrance exam, a female applicant became number one in the process.
Therefore, if women are marginalized in social and political life, the country will see a sudden downward spiral. If half population of a country boycotts playing their role, they will cause irreparable loss in the country.
With this in mind, negotiating sides have to reiterate protecting and respecting women’s rights and freedoms in their agreement and pledge that they would not curtail women’s social or political parts in the country.
Islamic Republic of Afghansitan included four women in negotiating team for talks with Taliban. Even one of them, Fawzia Kofi had earlier been nominated for the Noble Prize, which clearly shows that Afghan women have got eye-catching achievements under republic system in the country.
Afghan Women play an important role in the peace talks with the Taliban; They have been the main victim of the Taliban government. In addition to this, they suffered a lot during the past 19 years from the war in the country. The international community, and Afghanistan’s allies shouldn’t turn a deaf ear to their calls for a free, independent and republic system in the country.
Fair participation of women in the negotiations team and an inclusion of more women in supporting committees can assure that the rights of women would be secured in the peace talks and their achievements during the past 19 years would protect.
Afghan government is committed for women’s rights and even the president has time and again said that ensuring rights of the Afghan women and preserving their achievements have been the redline for the government in talks with Taliban.

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