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Afghan women’s political participation essential

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In recent years, Afghan women have been able to play active role in all sections in particular diplomacy as the government has fortunately provided further opportunities for women in the country.
A number of elite political women in an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent considered role of women as key in diplomacy as there was nothing to prevent from presence of women in diplomacy field.
“Like men, women can have active role in a society as women have vision to change the destiny of a country. Therefore, women should have active part in all affairs of a country. The holy religion of Islam has always insisted on active presence of women and fortunately Afghan women have played effective role in various fields as governance, social and economic,” a senior member of High Peace Council Sediqa Balkhi said.
“In recent years, lots of opportunities have been provided to women in Afghanistan as Afghan women now can make use of their capabilities and work in policy-making,” Balkhi asserted, adding that such freedoms and developments have been achieved due to continued efforts of women themselves.
Balkhi stressed that undoubtedly national unity government and previous governments have opened open environment for women in order that they make use of their capabilities for betterment of the country.
She also pointed to problems and challenges facing Afghan women in the country, saying that unpleasant customs, gender discrimination, insecurities, lack of access of women to judicial organs were a range of challenges facing women unfortunately.
Balkhi also stressed that all developments in peace process should be shared with Afghan women as no process could be successful without presence of women.
Meanwhile, head of Afghan Women Association Fatana Gilani says Afghan women have always shown heroism, but experienced lots of problems during the past history.
“Afghan women have always raised their voices and one of fortunes of Afghan women is that they have never involved in killing, conspiracies and corruption. They have been always as symbol of national unity and worked for the freedom of Afghanistan,” Gilani said.
Pointing to opportunitiesprovided to women in the past 18 years, Gilani added unfortunately consideration attention has not been paid to women in the past 18 years as Afghan women are facing with various problems day by day, saying that due to increasing problems in the country, Afghan women have worked for their people with bravery and boldness
“One of issues that have raised increasing concern of Afghan women is the absence of women in decision-making of the country as peace process. Afghan women still have not been aware of developments in peace process while the country’s women are seriously asking all parties in the conflict to end the war and want lasting peace in the country,” Gilani added.

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She asked Afghan women to get united and raise their voices against war and injustice in the country.
Another women activist and in charge of supporting women in Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission Latifa Sultani says despite of all problems Afghan women are facing in remote areas, considerable developments are seen in diplomacy field by women in the country as a number of Afghan women are working as the country’s ambassadors to foreign countries, showing that Afghan have now big management capabilities. “Afghan women have been able to play crucial role in the field of diplomacy despite of all kinds of obstacles and challenges in the country,” Sultani said, asking the government to provide further opportunities to women so that they can show their capabilities in various sectors in the country.

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She added that lasting peace and ending the ongoing war could be the only option that could provide better opportunities to not only women but each citizen of the country.
Suraya Raiszada

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