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Afghan women seek considerable role on threshold of possible intra-Afghan talksl

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By: Lailuma Noori

Recent months’ changes have created new hopes as efforts are underway to reach a political agreement with the Taliban group and end the long war in Afghanistan.
Efforts on peace process have been made for years, but the Taliban group has always had different demands that who should be in negotiating team with talks with the group. Although talks have been carried out about peace, one of the most important voices that has been ignored was the voice of Afghan women.
After dark period of the Taliban regime, most Afghan women living particularly in cities have witnessed key developments in their life and access to their principal rights, education and activities of women in various fields in the country. Despite of considerable developments, Afghan women are absent in peace talks and their voice has been ignored.
Afghan women have taken considerable role in codification of the country’s constitution, political reforms, economic development, literature and diplomacy in the past 19 years. All sides to the conflict should recognize all developments and achievements as well as sacrifices of Afghanistan women for their further capability and promotion of a free and inclusive society.
With its tradition and conservative society, Afghanistan is facing with various challenges such as continued war and lack of family support from women who want peace with protection of their rights and developments.
Currently, we witness numerous meetings and protests organized and held by Afghan women in the country particularly in Kabul; therefore, Afghan women should be given key role in peace talks with the Taliban group in order that they can defend from their rights and achievements.
In their meetings and protests, Afghan women have asked political fronts, the international community and all sides to the ongoing conflict to put their demands and concerns as well as recent achievements into full consideration.
According to US special envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad, Afghan women have had key role in development of Afghanistan for the past 19 years; therefore, including the Afghan women in the intra-Afghan dialogue is necessary. Their voice and rights should be heard so that their achievements continue as before.
The US special peace envoy for Afghanistan has also stressed that Washington is standing beside the Afghan women and they should be given chance to be part of the intra-Afghan dialogue.
This comes after a number of women rights and civil society activists expressed concern over lack of participation of women in peace talks with the Taliban group, asking for their role in the ongoing peace process. On the threshold of starting possible intra-Afghan dialogue between Afghanistan government and the Taliban group, demands for presence of Afghan women in the peace talks have increased.

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