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Afghan women realized that only republican system can protect their achievements: First Lady

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: In a video message on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, First Lady Rula Ghani congratulated the day to all women of Afghanistan, saying that they have been making enormous achievements in different spheres in the country.
“I would like to thank you [women] that you have proved your capabilities. Those women that have been appointed in high-raking positions could better manage their works,” First Lady said, adding that women besides men could have achievements and have fulfilled their responsibilities in reconstruction and development of their country.
“Afghan women have made much progress than 10 years back. They can express their opinions professionally and wisely,” she said, adding that since 8th of march was to honor the works of Women, therefore she said would like to praise Afghan women’s strength and capabilities.
She went on recalling the women’s role that have stood against Doha’s first draft proposal which was according to her was undermining the women’s key role. Pointing to a big gathering of women in support of republic in the country, which was held on, the first lady said, adding that Afghan women have realized that could preserve their achievements only under the republic system in the country. “Brave Afghan women proved that not only their role is key in the peace process, but also could solve any issues with logical and peaceful manners,” she said.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.