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Afghan women prove they are capable to do more, Minister Safi


Acting Minister of Information and Culture, Hasina Safi said that Afghan women who have suffered long war and insecurity over the past 18 years, would go forward hopefully.
In an exclusive interview with the state-run Anis National Daily, on the occasion of March 8th, the International Women’s Day, minister Safi said that women in Afghanistan were not ready to deal their achievements and rights by what she said political collusion.
“They are with one voice and united and the main possessors of peace process are women, men and citizens and the government of Afghanistan,” said the minister who congratulated March 8th for the entire Afghan and world women. All have now realized that Afghan women want equality and equity secured among both women and men and discrimination in all its forms should be removed, as discrimination not only faced women with challenges in Afghanistan, but affected negatively them around the world too, said the country’s acting minister of information and culture.
Marking International Women’s Day was in fact marking the achievements, success and victories of the Afghan women over the last nearly two decades, she continued.
She said women have proved that they could work alongside their men colleagues at all national and international organizations as according to her, they have proved their capability and capacity of doing more over the last 18 years.
Minister Safi asked women around the country to share their meaningful cooperation with the development process of the country and other spheres of national and international relating to their needs, particularly the peace process, which is the most important issue for them to take part.
Now Afghan women are not those of the past 18 years, as they have improved and would do more and more for themselves and their country. “They can take part in peace process and share their clear idea and take active part in the political, social, economic and cultural areas.”
“We should step up seriously and get united and need firm national belief to work together wherever, we are; either in the cabinet, parliament, government offices, universities, schools or working around the house,” the minister noted.
Pointing to the peace process, she said as a female activist and representative of the Afghan women in the peace process, along with two other female peace negotiators would spare no effort to work with a strong policy for women, she would represent even the next generation of the country. “Not only with physical presence, but we hold a tough task before the women to defend the worries of the Afghan women as their redline in the process,” Minister Safi noted. She assured that would share the results of all what expected to be discussed at the peace process with the country’s women and would do her best to protect their achievements of the last 18 years in the country.

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