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Afghan women holding power to drive change despite of challenges

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By: Shukria Kohistani

A number of Afghan women working outside of homes in current difficult situation in interview with The Kabul Times say working outside homes in current situation needs heroism.
Tayeba Mashal Waezi, head of Afghan Women’s Participation and Empowerment Organization (AWPEO), is a woman who has established literacy and English language courses for a number of women and girls in Kabul.
“Undoubtedly I’ve started to work in a hard situation. In 2017, I was able to work in women empowerment sector; therefore, I established the Afghan Women’s Participation and Empowerment Organization for Afghan women as I was interested in working even when I was at school ,” Mrs. Mashal said, adding that 54 women who have received literacy and English language courses have graduated from the course and are now in various social organizations.
Mashal further said that she has helped a number of female students and girls facing with economic problems to join the Promote program and currently they were working in some government and non-government institutions.
Asking the government for supporting her organization to further work in women empowerment sector, Mrs. Mashal said unfortunately no national and international institutions have supported and assisted her organization so far, adding that she was facing with various problems, but she resisted and paid no heed to any security threats. “We’ve promised to work for Afghan women; therefore, the more we have ability, the more we will be in the service of Afghan women and work in women empowerment and self-sufficiency,” Mashal said, asking the government to support those women engaged in social activities as they have the ability and clear vision for working outside their homes.
Pointing to challenges facing Afghan women in the country, Mrs. Mashal said that Afghan women were facing with various challenges particularly when they want to work outside of their homes, but Afghan women have been able to go forward and drive changed in society despite of continued challenges and security threats.
“This is a big success for Afghan women as they have good position and working in high-level in national and international ones. All they have now is because of their hard-working and values the Afghan women have as an Afghan woman has recently got the highest vote and got a valuable position in the UN,” Mrs. Mashal said, hoping that Afghan women will be further supported to actively work beside Afghan men in society. She further said that economic and security challenges were considered as big problems facing Afghan women in the country, but despite of all such challenges, Afghan women have been able to do the best, showing the ability of Afghan women in current difficult circumstances. Although Afghan women still face significant challenges, there have been some notable achievements, including a national constitution that guarantees women’s equal rights, the adoption of the National Plan of Advancement of Women of Afghanistan 2008-2018, and the growth of civil society organizations working to advance women’s rights and deliver much-needed services for women.

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