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Afghan women fear release of Taliban prisoners

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Following Presidential decree in connection with releasing Taliban prisoners to prevent from coronavirus outbreak, Afghan women by expressing concern over the release of the prisoners say serious concerns of the women over signing of the peace deal between US and Taliban still remains unchanged.
Afghanistan Women Network (AWN) says it will be not acceptable if Taliban prisoners are released without a clear mechanism.
According to AWN, the Afghan women are not against the government’s conditional release of Taliban prisoners, but any precondition set by the government should be shared with the people. The network has stressed that the government was responsible to responsibly deal the issue to protect the Afghan citizens.
Previously, Afghanistan National Security Council had said that written assurance would be sought from each prisoner upon releasing so that they could not go back to the battlefields.
Meanwhile, Afghan women have also expressed concern over political tensions in the country, saying that creation of any parallel governments will harm the image of Afghanistan in regional and international level and be destructive for the country.
The network has asked for active role of Afghan women in the intra-Afghan dialogues with the Taliban group to defend the Afghan women rights in the negotiations.
Apart from this, war victims have also expressed concern over possible releasing of Taliban prisoners from Afghanistan prisons, asking the government to do it after they receive guarantee from the Taliban group and international organizations.
“If Taliban prisoners are released to prevent from coronavirus outbreak, it is considered as a good step, but if they are released without any clear mechanism, it is considered as dangerous as they will join other fighters in battlefields,” said Mursal Nawabi, an Afghan civil society activist.
Nawabi added that the people of Afghanistan in particular Afghan women were seriously concerning over the release of the prisoners as they were a threat for future political activities of women in the country where Afghan women have got considerable achievements in all fields. Afghan women rights activists say all Afghan women want the ongoing war to be ended in the country, stressing that all Afghans should get united and give hands to each other for the development and better Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, NATO senior civilian representative to Afghanistan Nicholas Kay has said that NATO is waiting for comprehensive peace agreement between Afghanistan, stressing that an agreement that can protect the 18 years’ achievements including respect to human rights, women rights and democratic principles.
He stressed that releasing of Taliban prisoners was authorized by the government of Afghanistan whether they released or not.
This comes amid of increasing coronavirus outbreak in almost all countries of the world including Afghanistan as the country’s ministry of public health in its recent statement about prisons of the country said gathering of people in areas in particular prisons can held spread coronavirus easily from one to another.

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