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Afghan women experiencing many problems, hardships

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Despite of experiencing several problems and challenges, the Afghan women have been playing active role today in all fields.
The Kabul Times reporter has interviewed a number of women who expressed their opinions as following:
Zarmina Haqjo Kakar: As an Afghan women, I have unfortunately been facing many challenges. Unacceptable traditions have been challenges ahead of my progress and successes. I have grown in a traditional family, had to fight their traditional ideas.
She continued, the other challenge in this territory is women mafia projects which are implemented by a number of famous women in parliament, Human Rights or other branches.
They establish projects under the pretext of elimination of violence against women, prohibition of compulsory marriages, premature marriages, capacity building and empowerment of women and thousands other names, but except few certain women, other Afghan women have not been benefited from these programs. Majority of Afghanistan women have still been living in misfortunes and violences.
The other challenges ahead of Afghan women is lack of women partnership in senior and key positions of the government despite of their capability, capacity and merit.
If we have a glance at history, Kakar added, women have always been living innocently in the course of history.
This brave creature has bowed in the darks of pagan era under the pressure of social, cultural, political and economic backwardness and has always been deprived of her natural rights. In the past eras, the women life has been full of deprivation.
While the world women were burning in oppression, injustice and devastating discrimination and there was no power to fight these inequalities, the sun of Islam holy religion shone and announced freedom and independence of women.
She continued, today the Afghan women are celebrating the world day of women at a condition that our country is in a new sensitive stage of history.
Celebration of 8th of March gives this chance to both men and women to take active part in all fields of life and progress and development of our society indefatigably and exploit all their rights inserted in the constitution on women rights and open their way towards further progresses.

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It is the responsibility of the Capacity Building branch of the MoWA to organize learning courses and workshops promote capacities of women and enable them to take steps in the direction of elimination of violence against women in a condition that out of every three Afghan women, one experiences violence continuously.
All women specially the Afghan women are liable to be respected and we should say “no” to violence.
Fatana Bayat from Bayat Industrial Producing Co said, 8th of March is a glorious and historical day for women of the world particularly the Afghan women who have been suffering in over the last four decades and experienced many socio, economic, family, mental, physical and psychological problems. In the course of history, the Afghan women have been living heroically and devotedly and proved that like other women of the world, they enjoy capability and bravery to prove their role in social development.
The Afghan constitution has given and acknowledged all essential socio, political and civil rights to Afghan women.
Masouda Qarizada

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