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Afghan women 5 percent quota helps economy improve

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By: M. Wali Qasemi

Afghanistan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has allocated up to 5 percent share for women entreasures in the province of Kandahar, southern Afghanistan, where he had been on an economic visit in the last few days.
The meeting with a number of female entrepreneurs by the country’s president was made amid growing criticism from women that they have no enough quota to improve their economic participation.
The president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, while announcing the minimum quota of 5 percent to be reserved for the Afghan women entrepreneurs in government contracts in a bid to improve their participation in the economy.
The plan would further encourage the country’s women to further join investment and strengthen the country’s economy.
During his visit to the province, where he met with women entrepreneurs, a number of activists and politicians, the president encouraged women around the country to stay alongside their male counterparts to help improve the country’s economy.
A local business news portal—Wadsam has also quoted a statement from the presidential palace that the president has directed the Ministry of Industry and Commerce “to consult trade commissioners at all Afghan diplomatic missions abroad, in order to establish a special unit for Kandahar women’s handicrafts at the embassies.”
“Afghan women entrepreneurs play an integral part in the economic development of the country. According to figures from the Afghan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industries (AWCCI), investments by women have created jobs for 77,000 people across the country,” said the agency.
According to the statement, as many as 1,150 women entrepreneurs have invested an estimated $77 million in various businesses over the past two decades.
The agency said that lack of access to markets and poor security situation remain to be the main obstacles facing Afghan women entrepreneurs.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.