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Afghan-Turkmen trade value increases by 50 pc


By: Shukria Kohistani

The MoCI says that trade between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan has increased by 50 percent in recent three months. While last year our trade volume was about US $ 250m but in the last three months it has increased by US $ 127m including US $ 250,000 Afghanistan exports and the rest of US $ 126.750000 imports from Turkmenistan.
Spokesman of the MoCI Samir Rasa said, we have partnership with Turkmenistan in a number of other projects too and with their implementation our trade-transit relations including TAPI and Lapis would be better improved.
Economist Abdul Qader Gailani said, the government should establish a trade balance with regional countries particularly neighbors and our trade balance should be mutually beneficial.
Saifuddin Saihoon another economist said, if the government manage to create improvement in trade relations between Afghanistan and regional, neighboring specially central Asia countries, Afghanistan would be rescued from trade monopoly.
At the same time seeking other trade-transit ways could lead Afghanistan to self-sufficiency. Promotion of our trade ties with central Asian republics play important role in our economic growth and development.
Simultaneous with expansion of our trade-transit relations with Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan also tries to take steps for development of trade ties with Afghanistan and has already created new infrastructures on Afghan border. As creation of transportation of commercial consignments in border city of Termez, Uzbekistan, is one of these infrastructures which is equipped with transportation and railway facilities.
Shaker Kargar a regional expert said that beside those facilities, Uzbekistan is interested to invest US $ 500m for construction of north-west railway that would connect it through Afghanistan to Iranian borders.
At the moment our most transit problems have been removed in Uzbekistan and exploiting Andy Jan port, now our merchandizes can be transited to Russia and China markets.
The authorities of MoCI said that Uzbekistan would also be greatly benefited from expansion of trade-transit relations between the two countries and as a landlocked country, Uzbekistan could have access via Afghanistan to Iranian Chabahar and Pakistani Karachi seaports. The director of MoCI Transit Facilities Branch Yehza Akhlaqi said, with Uzbekistan investment in Mazar-Herat railway, its merchandize could reach to Iran and via Iran to Gulf countries.
Afghan trade officials in Uzbekistan said that Uzbek traders are ready to invest in different fields in Afghanistan north and west areas beside development of their trade ties.

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