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Afghan system, achievements be protected


By: The Kabul Times

A meeting was held in Doha under the name of intra-Afghani dialogue on Sunday and Qatar and Germany would be co-hosting this meeting with the participation of about 60 Afghan politicians, representatives of political parties, civil society, media men, influential social figures, HPC, government officials who would not be not representing the Afghan government, but from their private addresses. A number and most likely some members of Taliban political office in Qatar would also be attending this meeting on behalf of Taliban.
This is the third meeting in its kind. Prior to this, two similar meetings were also held in Moscow the capital of Russian Federation. But the last meeting was postponeded due to small misunderstanding between Afghan government and Qatar organizerss. The goal behind these meetings have been called as trust building among Afghans, facilitating in talks between the Afghan government and Taliban.
It is expected that in this meeting points of views of different sides would be discussed, each of the sides would be acquainted with opinion of other sides, the gap between all sides would be narrowed and bridged and would ultimately cause paving the way for a greater meeting of direct talks.
Afghans expect the Kabul delegation to share their united and single opinion representing the Afghan people to participant Taliban and foreign participants and defend it that mainly include preservation of system, safe guardian of achievements and constitutional values.
Although most of the participant Afghanistan politicians are not in Afghan government now, but they are never separate from the Afghan people and their interests are the interest of Afghan people too. These interests include preservation of current system, and achievements of the last two decades and values inserted in our constitution particularly the contacts of the third chapter…etc.
Afghanistan should not go back and be once again witnessing oppression and suffocation of Taliban so-called Islamic Emirate!
The participant Afghan politicians in Doha Talks are required to defend these achievements and values. The system for which plenty of bloods have been shed and thousands lives have been sacrificed, should not be victimized in vain.
Protection of the republic and Democracy is very important to us. People are the real and potential owners of this system.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.