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Afghan Post Company launches online service system

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By: Kohistani

KABUL: Wahid Wais, the General Manager of the Afghan Post Company, announced the opening of an online system in Post Company, saying that this system has the ability to provide various government public services online.
He said a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has already been signed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide public government services.
He also asked all government departments to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the company to provide services.
Wahid Wais said that Afghan Post Company has identified 150 types of public services and placed them in the online public services system.
According to him, Afghan Post Company, by creating its online service system, has the capacity of providing all kinds of public services throughout the country through Post Centers in the center and the province.
The General Manager of the Afghan Post Company went on as saying that at present, the country’s citizens can visit the company’s website to enter the online service system and go through the process of obtaining their documents, including their educational documents or ID cards (Tazkra) in order to receive approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
According to Wais, citizens can obtain their documents from the nearest Post Houses near after the deadline set by the system.
Afghan Post officials say that using the online public service system will provide enough facilities for the citizens and will prevent mass aggregation of customers in one place.
He assured that the company has the capacity to provide services through its post offices in the center and provinces of the country by creating an online service system.
According to him, using the online public service system of Afghan Post Company provides further facilities for the citizens, the most important of which is to prevent the accumulation of costumers in a ministry.
In addition, the company plans to provide cargo services to the people in 1400 (the Afghan solar year) and set ten-digit postal codes for the houses.
A number of Afghan citizens in briefing with The Kabul Times said that using internet services in the current situation can be very helpful and that now the world is like a village where all people can trade with the world using websites. The delightful citizens said this was the first time that Afghan Post Company has started online services and this is a good opportunity for people to enter the system and thus easily receive all the documents they want.
“People used to use postal services, which was really long and time consuming process. It would take days, when you want to get a document as soon as possible, but it becomes too easy through online system,” Omar, a Kabul resident told The Kabul Times. The company’s online services can tackle people’s problems in few minutes or an hour, and this can also prevent long queues of people behind the ministries. At the same time, most of works in the ministries is now done through online and digital systems, which could be an effective and good change in the age of new technology.

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