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Afghan-led peace talks crucial for success

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Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan warned the world against “a hasty international withdrawal” from Afghanistan, stating that peace was within Afghanistan’s reach and that all parties should seek to continue the process rather than abandon it.
In opinion piece he wrote for The Washington Post on Saturday, added that lasting peace in Afghanistan could only be achieved by an Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace process. He also said that the world had learned of how “peace and political stability in Afghanistan could not be imposed from the outside through the use of force”.
Indeed, Afghanistan as any other democratic nations, has an elected president and system. It has a legitimate government that represents Afghanistan at the regional and international levels. As any government, it has to lead and manage the affairs of the country. Therefore, only Afghan government can represent the nation in peace talks.
Afghan peace talk is one of the national processes of the country. Any deal on the peace talks, to be good or bad, has direct consequences on Afghan citizens. If Afghan government is not included in any deals, then that will not be acceptable for the Afghan people. Taliban’s recent insisting of including their deal with US as the base for intra-Afghan talks is baseless and unacceptable, since Afghans were not included in such talks and that could not be guaranteed.
Taliban should know that only Afghans can decide about their future and foreigners are here only to facilitate such opportunities. Relying on others’ continued support won’t bring any desired result for the group and the Afghans, rather differences would further grow and the common masses to continue bearing the brunt of war.
Taliban should know that Afghan government and people have given much sacrifices for achieving peace and stability and ensuring a democratic system in their country. Even they agreed to free the killers of their beloved ones, only to witness a safe and sound environment. They no longer tolerate the continue war and bloodshed as well as won’t give such an opportunity again to the group.
Afghans want a dignified peace, a process to ensure that the nascent Afghan democracy and its 19 years achievements will be preserved. Afghans want a peace deal to protect the Afghan constitution, civil liberties, basic rights and freedoms.
Afghans are thankful to their regional and international allies, including Pakistan for facilitating the intra-Afghans talks and drumming up support for the process. It is important for these countries to support a political system that considers all Afghans as equal citizens of the country.
Now it is the time that the regional and global stakeholders put further pressures on the Taliban leadership so that it respects the past achievements as well as Afghanistan’s Constitution and democratic principles. Afghans are not going to backtrack after paying heavy sacrifices and fighting for democracy and human rights within the last two decades.
Afghan delegation representing a united nation and do not let their Taliban interlocutors to cross the red-line. Peace is the right of Afghan people and the Taliban should know that cannot achieve their goals via war.

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