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Afghan led peace talk key solution to ongoing crisis


By: The Kabul Times

The US president Donald Trump is concerned on post troops withdrawal conditions in Afghanistan. Quoting him the media have reported that following the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, this country might not be the Harward of Terrorism. Expressing concern on the situation in Afghanistan he has said that probably Afghanistan would be changed once again to a terrorism training and terrorist activities center. This is not only the concern of the US president but it’s a general concern in public opinion that the US should end its presence in Afghanistan responsibly and troops withdrawal and reduction of their role and influences would not be adaptable to ground realities and factors that may happen following their withdrawal, most likely the situation would advance toward direction that happened in the years in the wake of collapse of late Dr. Najibullah rule due to irresponsible withdrawal of Soviet Troops and leaving Afghanistan uncertain. In that time civil wars out broke and Jehadi Tanzeems became involved with each other and the devastating war of all against all was started in all parts of Afghanistan. The way was paved for influence and presence of international extremist groups and interference of Afghanistan greedy neighbors, who started their proxy wars adaptable with their defined goals that caused Afghanistan to burn for long years in the flames of devastating wars and the Afghan citizens sustained irreparable damages and casualties. The only mean that could trust up on is and prevent development of situation towards further deterioration and defend the stability and prevent the country to experience the bitter conflicts of 80s, is this that the Afghan government must be the pivot of peace talks, the monopolistic right of the government on deciding on the destiny of war and peace must be respected and the government be let to lead the process with its ownership. The legal government and system based on citizens votes be supported and current values represents Afghanistan new and progressive and civilized generation, safeguards Afghanistan and its international partners’ achievements of the last approximately two decades.
The Afghan government prevents the extremist groups and elements with hardline ideas to influence in its territory and threat the civilized world peace and stability. The Afghan government is determined to precisely implement all its commitments given to the world and all conventions signed by it and behave neighboring countries based on good neighborliness and mutual respect.
If the US-led world community want to get rid of concerns and building a reliable future, should open an account on the Afghan government as their trust worthy partner and reliable ally and no longer keep it absent in all peace talks, exert decisive pressure on Taliban and their original supporters to submit direct talks with the Afghan administration.
The dominating situation in the peace talks, deliberate absence of the Afghan government in talks, ignoring the lawful and monopolistic right of government on determining the people destiny, has directly led the Afghan government to isolation, emboldened the Taliban that they would ultimately manage to impose their demands on American negotiators and would finally pave the way to return to full power and re-establish their so-called Emirate! 

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