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Afghan govt., Taliban to attend Moscow Summit, Kabulov

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Moscow is making effort to host a summit on Afghan peace talks. Moscow officials have said that the Afghan government and Taliban would attend the summit.
Russian foreign ministry has declared that all invited countries have confirmed their participation in the summit.
Russian presidential special envoy, Zamir Kabulov told a media in his country that Taliban and the government of Afghanistan would attend Moscow Summit.
He pointed out that regional and world countries including the US and the Taliban have been invited to attend the summit.
Expressing optimism on Moscow Summit, officials of High Peace Council (HPC) say that Moscow Summit can be a good start on peace negotiations and they believe in its results.
They say that Russia as a powerful country in the region should also hear the Afghan people, government and HPC voice in the respect.
Political experts told The Kabul Times that peace efforts would follow with no result unless the warring sides on Afghanistan’s crisis are willing to negotiate.
They believe if peace negotiations are led by the government of Afghanistan and political parties, there is no doubt it would follow with positive results.
Lower house of the parliament says peace would not ensure in Afghanistan unless the neighboring and regional countries honestly cooperate with Afghanistan on fighting terrorism.
A political expert, Zubair Shafiq says there is no doubt that Afghans are in dire need of peace and they welcome and support any move to be taken in the respect.
He added Afghans want a peace that last years’ achievements to be protected.
He believes if neighboring countries particularly Pakistan sincerely cooperates with Afghanistan, lasting peace would ensure across the country.
Another political expert Amir Mohammad said a regional meeting should be held to discuss regional countries’ role on restoring peace and stability in both Afghanistan and the region.
Afghan citizens say we have always wanted peace and stability in the country, they believe peace would ensure in Afghanistan when foreign interferences are cut on Afghanistan’s affairs. Moscow Summit was expected to be held on Sep. 4, but due to non-participation and request of the Afghan government, it has been postponed.
Suraya Raiszada

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