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Afghan govt, Russia welcome intra-Afghan dialogue in Doha

Doha meeting

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Idrees Zaman, Deputy Foreign Minister of Afghanistan on Tuesday said the Doha intra-Afghan meeting was a positive step toward the launch of the direct talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban insurgent group.
Speaking at the National Peace Symposium in Kabul, the Afghan official welcomed the final declaration of the Doha meeting, saying the time is short and there is a need for the launch of intra-Afghan dialogue to reach a peace deal.
Mr. Zaman further said that if the war in Afghanistan is not ended through direct negotiation between the Afghan government and the Taliban, achievements of the last 18-years will be faced with serious problems.
At the same time, Mohammad Ehsan Zia, the Head of the US Institute of Peace in Afghanistan said that the two sides should not step back from the negotiation in order to reach to a peace deal.
Meanwhile, Russia supports the results of the intra-Afghan meeting in Doha and hopes that it would lay the foundation for the future reconciliation agreement in Afghanistan, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said in a statement.
“Russia supports the results of the Second Inter-Afghan Dialogue Conference held in Doha on July 7-8,” she said.
“It was basically a continuation of the conversation between representatives of a broad range of Afghanistan’s socio-political forces, including the armed opposition, which was started last February, and is aimed at launching a peace process in that country as soon as possible,” she added.
“We are satisfied that the participants at the Doha meeting adopted a final statement reflecting their intention to steadily move towards an inter-Afghanistan peace,” Zakharova said in the statement.
Moscow has repeatedly stressed that the inter-Afghan dialogue “reflects the principle of an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process that was broadly approved by the international community.”
“In Afghanistan’s current reality, such meetings are the only viable channel of communication not only for the confronting sides of the conflict but also for the key political forces of the IRA, without which it will hardly be possible to achieve durable peace,” she said in the statement.
She said that they hope communication will lay the foundation for a future peace agreement and will more clearly outline the contours of the post-conflict arrangement in Afghanistan. 

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