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Afghan govt requests anti-IS uprising


By: Surya Raiszada

In the wake of bloody attack on a wedding party in Kabul which large number of innocent countrymen and women killed and injured, the Afghan government said that would eradicate IS hideouts across this country and requests anti-IS uprising.
The leaders of the Afghan government said, we would revenge this and other IS terror attacks in Afghanistan and strongly vow to eradicate IS and other terrorists.
We want the Afghan people to cooperate their ANSDF in every home, village and district for elimination of terrorists because IS and other terrorists are our people’s enemies and our struggle would continue against them.
The MoI and MoD authorities said that since few last months anti-IS offensive operations have taken place and a number of their leaders and militants have been eliminated MoI spokesman Nasrat Rahimi said, at present IS exists only in three provinces but ANSDF intending to eliminate them.
Rahimi went on to say, ANSDF operations have increased one hundred percent in recent 20 days until their full elimination.
The Afghan lower house has also appreciated ANSDF efforts against insurgents particularly IS.
Lawmaker Nesar from Nangarhar province said, IS has not been completely eliminated in Afghanistan and threatening few districts but ANSDF offensives have inflicted shattering blows on this group. IS is one of the most dangerous terrorist groups and should be targeted by every possible means.
Haroon Mir a political analyst believes that if the regional countries want to prevent IS activities in their territories, should sever their relations with terror groups who are potential threat to regional and global security and stability and develop sincere joint cooperation in war on terror.
Lawmaker Mohammad Abduh said, IS is a phenomenon who has been fostered outside Afghanistan and our country is its victim. The Afghan government has made serious efforts for elimination of terror groups specially IS and their sever leaders have been killed.
Regional experts said that war on IS is a good starting point for difficult and at the same time strategic and vital mission of the world community particularly the US.
Experts, added taking into account recent changes in the US and allies war on IS in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan which was visibly intensified following the Russia intervention, it seems that, US tries to unfade its role in war on IS.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.