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Afghan govt reacts to UN report, says committed to improving children situation

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By: The Kabul Times
KABUL: In response to a UN report on child casualties in Afghanistan, the government on Tuesday said the country remained committing improving the situation of children.
The Office to f National Security Council (ONSC) issued a statement, saying the Afghan government has received the UN annual report about children causalities.
The statement said the report accused the Taliban of planting landmines and roadside bombs and using people properties for terrorist activities, which led to children causalities.
It added the UN report, however, noted a decline in casualties from 2018 due to steps initiated by the Afghan government and international military forces.
The ONSC said that the Afghan government was still committed to implement and improve the current mechanism in this regard.
It added that the entire Afghan nation hoped that the Taliban militants would end the ongoing conflict and killing of Afghans throughout the country.
“Our longstanding position is that in order to protect civilians and advance the cause of peace, the Taliban as the driver of conflict must stop their unjustifiable campaign of terror tentamount to war crimes against the Afghan and Muslim nation,” the statement added.
The UN report released Monday said the war in Afghanistan was the world’s deadliest conflict for children last year, the fifth consecutive year the country has held that status.
Some 874 children were killed by the war throughout 2019. They were among the 3,410 young Afghans who suffered from “grave violations,” which included maiming, abduction, sexual abuse and attacks at schools and hospitals, the report said.
The Taliban were blamed for causing over 1,238 child deaths and injuries, the largest number attributed to any single group.
Pro-government forces were blamed for just under a third of the child deaths and injuries documented, including 248 that were attributed to international forces.

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