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Afghan govt must not be absent in peace talks

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According to available reports, the US and Taliban representatives have talked in Abu Dhabi, UAE with the participation of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan envoys. As it was seen, the Afghan government was absent in these talks. Every talk aimed at ending the war would not produce desired outcome without involvement of the Afghan government.
The US and other countries should involve the Afghan government in these talks. The only precondition for legitimacy of peace talks is powerful involvement of the Afghan government.
The preliminary talks of different countries including the USA, with Taliban representatives, should have resulted to Taliban talks with the Afghan government. Other countries who have influence on Taliban should have made efforts for involvement of the Afghan government in these talks. All the arguments for elimination of legitimacy of the Afghan government are fake and false.
As a body and order based on the constitution, the Afghan government is acceptable to the absolute majority of people.
The report of Asia Foundation shows that over 83 pc of Afghans don’t accept the overthrowing of the Afghan government. A research of Afghanistan Institute of Strategic Studies shows that 90 pc of the Afghans are not agree with Taliban way of life and their claim for overthrowing the government.
ANSF and civilian bodies are consist of Afghan people, the people have voted lawmakers and the Afghan system enjoys absolute legitimacy based on the constitution.Those who ignore the Afghan government, make mistake.
Every agreement on ending of war which is not supported by the Afghan government, people and political forces, cannot be materialize and produces no result. No rebel or political force can claim that represents a territory in the name of Afghanistan. Due to this reason every talk for ending of war should take place from the address of the Afghan government and be led by representatives of this government.
The Afghan government is not merely the result of sacrifices of Afghan people but it has been established with huge financial and humanitarian investments of the world community. The international community has no other visible achievement except formation of a reality in the name of the Afghan government in this part of the world, while other achievements are a function of this government.
If this unique achievement is sidelined or be ignored in an important issue like peace talks, respect of all financial and humanitarian investments of the world community would be trampled down.If Afghanistan is in peace with her neighbors she would be reliable ally of the international community.
Those who follow the regional conflicts and changes, know very well that incidents like Sep, 11 that caused US war in Afghanistan, were the outcome of government overthrowing in Afghanistan. So support and improvement of modern and legitimate governments in areas like Afghanistan strongly prevent repeat of incidents like Sep 11 and proxy wars in the world, otherwise the world peace and stability would be potentially jeopardized.
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