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Afghan govt. hails EU, Canada stance on peace process

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: The Afghan government welcomed the statement issued by the Heads of Mission of the European Union and Canada on the imminent peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban delegation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement Monday.

“The statement rightly identifies the historic opportunity that these talks represent,” the statement read. “The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is fully intending to seize the opportunity to end the conflict through negotiations.”

“The Afghan Government is entering these talks with a spirit of goodwill and constructive intent, as evident in the release of the Taliban prisoners, which the statement recognizes as a goodwill gesture to build confidence, that goes beyond the Afghan Government’s obligations,” the Ministry elaborated.

Meanwhile, the Afghan government urged the Taliban to reciprocate by agreeing on a “ceasefire and agree to an immediate reduction of violence,” adding the country visions all Afghans, including women, to thrive their fundamental rights.

“Afghanistan would like to thank the EU and other friendly nations for their unwavering support to the peace process in Afghanistan,” the statement said.

The EU Head of Mission in Kabul and the Ambassador of Canada said the upcoming Intra-Afghan talks must preserve the “democratic and human rights” of people in the country.

In a joint statement on Sunday, both representatives said achievements of the past two decades are “human rights, rule of law and democratic freedoms, including the increased respect for the rights and freedoms of women and girls” that should be considered during the peace negotiations.

“We especially urge for the full participation of women in all aspects of the negotiations,” the statement said as quoted by local media.

It came at a time both the Afghan and Taliban delegation are preparing to hold Intra-Afghan talks that will determine not only the security but also the future of Afghanistan.

“There is no military solution to the conflict and the still unacceptably high level of violence is contrary to expectations of a meaningful peace process and the principles of the UN Charter,” the statement read.

“We urge the Taliban to respect the desire of the citizens of Afghanistan and heed the UN Secretary-General’s and the UN Security Council’s unanimous call for an immediate unconditional, comprehensive, and nationwide ceasefire.”

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