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Afghan-German private sector plays important role in investment on industry

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By: Shukria Kohistani

Acting minister of finance, Humayoun Qayoumi says that in cooperation with their German counterparts, private sector of Afghanistan can play important role in investment and establishment of industry in Afghanistan.
Afghan-German chamber of commerce and industry was opened in presence of acting ministers of communication and finances as well as some other authorities of government and private sector.
Senior presidential advisor, in infrastructural affairs and acting minister of finance regarding important the commercial ties between Germany and Afghanistan added that since thousands years, Afghanistan has economic and multilateral commercial ties with various countries of the world.
He added that in industrial sector, Germany is one of progressive countries of the world and the private sector of the country in cooperation with the Germany counterpart can play important role in development of the country. Acting finance minister stated despite problems our country is grappling with, the Afghan merchants pay revenue and are trying for development of their country.
The ministry of finance assures that it would be their supporter and in the framework of law would support investors and merchants of the country.
Similarly acting minister of communication and information technology regarded opening of this chamber as important in joint work of both nations.
He asserted that the government paves the way for creation of economic activities in the country and private sector also via investment should instruct the country towards self-sufficiency.
General president of Afghan-German solidarity society, Ahmad Ilias Omar stated that the Afghan-German chamber of commerce and industry has been established for expansion of further economic ties.
He expressed that we hope inauguration of Afghan-German chamber of commerce to prepare the ground for introduction of Afghan products in Germany and other European countries and through it the private sector can export Afghan products to European nations.
Founder of Afghan-German chamber of commerce and industry, Jalaluddin Sayeed also added that we thank from friendly country Germany that within recent years helped more our country but our main demand is this that this country cooperate Afghanistan in expansion of its industry.
He continued that with inauguration of this chamber, permanent exhibition would be held for further introduction of Afghan products to European countries.
German ambassador to Kabul Peter Prugel also said that beside friendly relations, inauguration of this chamber causes the new page to be opened in economic affairs.
Mr. Prugel elucidated that opening of this chamber shows the investors and merchants are in favor of economic relations between the two countries.
Although, so far, the Afghan-German chamber of commerce and industry didn’t received permit of activities in this country, but we hope after receiving of permit, the memorandum of understandings (MoUs) to be signed in connection with transaction between the two nations.
At the same time, with establishment of chamber of commerce and industry and creation of air corridors, much hopes are existed for promotion of Afghan commercial ties with regional countries.
Now, varieties of fresh and dried fruits as well as vegetable have good markets in regional and European markets and the people lives beyond the Afghan borders have access to Afghan fruits and other products. 

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