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Afghan company starting to produce vehicles & batteries in Afghanistan

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By: Shukria Kohistani

In a ceremony held on this occasion the other day in Kabul, head of Amin Noor Manufacturing Company has informed of the company’s long-term programs, saying that one of the programs of the company has been to produce 10 types of vehicles and two types of batteries and they are ready to be sold as wholesale in market.“In current circumstances, we need more industrial products in the country; therefore, we want strong support from the country’s President,” Amin Noor said, adding that his company is producing 10 types of electrical and diesel motors with the capacity of carrying 450 kg weight.He further said that one of his principal goals was to provide employment to youth, develop home-made products and make Afghanistan sufficient, stressing that effort should be made towards development of home products and the government should pay further attention to private sector in the country.

In the ceremony, acting minister of economy Mustafa Mastoor while praising the country’s private sector for their part in home products said: “Today we witness a piece of good news regarding production of various types of vehicles and batteries in the country.”

According to the ministry of economy, currently Afghanistan industry has reached to 12 percent, showing low percentage of the industrial development and it is time that the percentage should increase by home products and investment in manufacturing sector of the country.  “What we need is to create a big industrial aim for our exports as the exports level should increase by 90 percent comparing to the imports level which is now more than 50 percent,” Mastoor said.

Pointing to challenges facing Afghan traders and investors, acting minister of economy said lack of infrastructures, lack of power and professional workers and no access to loan as well as security problems are the principal challenges facing Afghan investors.

He hoped that by ending the ongoing war Afghan investors could invest in the country and the ongoing efforts for peace was considered as good news for the people and investors of Afghanistan.The ministry of economy in close cooperation with ministries of finance and commerce and industry has introduced a supportive package for the country’s private sector in which $569 million has been collected to provide small loans to private sector.

Meanwhile, acting minister of commerce and industry says the ministry is planning to provide license and cheap lands to private sector so that they can easily invest in the country, adding that unprecedented changes have come in the country’s industrial sector comparing to past years.

Aziza Naeemi, one of the owners of a manufacturing company, says we are happy that an Afghan manufacturing company has been able to produce vehicles and batteries in the country, hoping the government will strongly support private sector particularly companies producing home products.

It is worth mentioning that Amin Noor Manufacturing Company was established in 2016 in Mazar-e-Sharif where the company is working to produce different types of batteries and vehicles.

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