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Afghan Army is turning into a committed, professional and discipline force: President Ghani

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani participated at the graduation ceremony of Marshal Fahim National Defense University cadets on Thursday afternoon, a statement said.

The president while congratulating the newly graduated cadets described them as role models of dedication, commitment, patriotism. He thanked the families of the cadets who put the homeland first and sent their sons and daughters to serve at the ranks of the Afghan forces, the presidential press office statement added.

The president and commander-in-chief as quoted in the statement said: “You are symbolizing Afghanistan’s national unity and I am confident you are able to bear the burden of defending the country successfully.”

President Ghani renewed his commitment to the ANDSF and vowed that the families of martyred forces will not be left alone.

The president told the graduated officers to be courageous, spirited and resilient like First Vice-President Amruallah Saleh, who immediately attended his office after surviving a vicious attack committed by a coward enemy.

“The government of Afghanistan is committed to supporting every single one of the defense and security forces and will never compromise on them,” added the president while terming them “guardians of the republic”.

President Ashraf Ghani praised the ANDSF for their recent achievements in ensuring the security of the Consultative Peace Jirga and reaching out to the flood-affected areas.

The commander-in-chief said the Afghan National Army is turning into a committed and professional force, terming the force a symbol of national unity.

The president underscored that the boosted morale and spirit among the ANDSF is promising and added, “We want a kind of peace, where the role of the Afghan Defense and Security forces is protected.”

Munira Yusofzada, Deputy Minister of Defense on Training and Personnel Affairs said the ceremony demonstrates that Afghanistan National Army is not only a professional force, but is equipped with knowledge, expertise, experience and commitment to be able to serve the nation.

Sardar Wali Hotak who was speaking on behalf of the graduated cadets said they learned military discipline, professionalism, patriotism, national unity, courage and dedication.

He stressed that the forces are prepared to serve at any corner of the country to defend the independence, national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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