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ADB contributes $348m for rebuilding of Dahla dam in Kandahar

Dahla Dam 1

By: Shukria Kohistani

The MoF reporting on Asian Development Bank (ADB) contribution of US $ 348 million for rebuilding of Kandahar Dahla dam, said that has already signed a MoU with ADB for this purpose. This MoU was signed by acting MoF Humayoun Qayoomi and ADB country director, Afghanistan Nerandra Sighro. Based on the MoU, the ADB would contribute US $ 348.78m gratis aids for development of water resources of Dahla dam in Kandahar.
Addressing the signing ceremony of this MoU, ADB Afghanistan country director said, from this contribution Kandahar Dahla dam would be rebuilt so management of water resources of this dam would be useful for people of Kandahar.
Acting MoF Humayoun Qayoomi said, this aid would be sued for permanent management and arrangement of water resources in Kandahar.
With a 288 million cubic meter water capacity, Dahla dam was constructed in 1952 but due to lack of maintenance, its most parts have been destroyed now.
The MoF has said that the rebuilding project of Dahla dam includes raising the wall and development of water reservoir of their dam as its water capacity would reach to 782 million cubic meter water.
According to government plan, water of this dam will be used for generation of energy, supply of potable water and irrigation.
Economist Sher Ali Tazri said, we are pleased that Afghanistan water resources are managed properly.
Aids for construction and reconstruction of water dams in Afghanistan would cause our waters not to be wasted on the condition of proper management and they would pave the way for generation of energy, development of irrigation networks, creation of occupation and reduction of unemployment.
He said, despite of Afghanistan rich water resources, we have witnessed least attention to this sector. Although based on the anticipation of numerous reputable international bodies including UN, in near future, major parts of global conflicts will be over potable water resources but due to lack of profession studies in this sector, Afghanistan has failed to act expertisely and practically for management and exploitation of its water resources.
Afghanistan enjoys five major water resources zones with a total quantity of 57 billion cubic meter water annually. Due to its geographic location, Afghanistan has been changed to the source of flowing waters into the neighboring countries. Afghanistan is in the heart of biggest renewable water resources.

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