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Acting higher education minister meets OIC delegation


KABUL: Acting Minister of Higher Education Alhaj Mawlavi Abdul Baqi Haqqani met with a delegation from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the other day a statement from the ministry said. The acting minister welcomed the delegation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and said that each country has different religious and national values and carry out its affairs in accordance to their own values.
Haqqani called on the OIC delegation consisted of Arab, Asian and African scholars, to encourage Islamic countries to cooperate with Afghanistan in education and other fields.
He said work on the Islamic University in Nangarhar would soon be completed and asked for cooperation for the completion of the Afghan International University. The Acting Minister of Higher Education said that Afghanistan has just emerged from the war, so it needs the help of international organizations and countries, especially Islamic organizations.
Meanwhile, head of the OIC delegation, Dr. Qutb Mustafa Sano, said that when we took a closer look at the education process in Afghanistan, it became clear that the media abroad was spreading false propaganda. He said in addition, he supported Afghanistan’s education system. The Kabul Times

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