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About 9 million ‘Ballot Papers’ will be printed: IEC


KABUL: Independent Elections Commission(IEC) says nearly 9 million ballot papers will be printed soon for the parliamentary elections.
IEC finalized the design of these papers last night which is scheduled to be completely printed in less than a month.
“The ballot papers have been sent abroad to prevent fraud,” said Abdulaziz Ibrahimi, the deputy spokesman of IEC. “the ballot papers will be printed for the number of people who registered themselves for the election.”
IEC’s statistics show that about 9 million and 72,800 people were registered for the upcoming elections. Although Ibrahimi did not give details about the cost of printing the papers, the cost of the papers will be paid by UNDP.
Yet, a number of parties and political movements do not accept the figure announced by the IEC. They had already warned the government and IEC that if the papers printed, the election commission would be responsible for the consequences.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.