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A unified plan required to achieve peace

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The High Council for National Reconciliation ended with the peace proposals, under the country’s leaders provided plans, late on Thursday.
The fifty-member committee led by the High Council for National Reconciliation, which is responsible for consolidating the dozens of peace plan, assessed 25 proposals provided by different parties and those of the country’s President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.
The assessment and analysis of the views from political parties, the government, civil society, the media and citizenas were made following five working sessions, according, with the committee scheduled to hold its last meeting on the views, on Saturday.
The entire Afghan sides who are working for peace, should have a unified plan for the process to offer at the upcoming Turkey Conference, as authorities from the High Council for the National Reconciliation office has assured to present what the officials said effective and helpful for helping the peace process get success.
Republic system shouldn’t be ignored by no parties to the issue as any other system would endanger democracy and the people will and wishes for a prosperous future. An interim government or systems other than republic would not be accepted by the people of Afghanistan and such systems would not even be practical and implementable in a country, experienced decades of war to reach a real democracy that guarantees all aspects of the people rights.
As the U.S. authorities said, the Turkey conference should not enter into the issues from zero, but it should be a “complement to the Doha talks,” and the process should be acceptable by the entire Afghans’ will including women rights and freedom of expression, and most importantly the last nearly two decades of achievements. Also, any peace efforts should be Afghan-own and Afghan-led with highly supported by the international community to reach a political settlement.
On the other, ceasefire, should also be lodged in the agenda as the most important factor for peace, as peace means nothing unless it follows a comprehensive truce. In this way, if a real peace effort was planned, would encourage all parties to the conflicts to take full preparation for a constructive participation in the Turkey Conference, and help the process go ahead successfully until war ends and a real peace and security restored.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.