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‘A real trainer makes effort to help improve athletes’ talents’

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Master Najibullah Sultani is the founder of kickboxing in Afghanistan.
He was born in an educated and sport-loving family in 1354, solar year in Kabul.
He is a kickboxing and free fight trainer and a member of SLFC.
He has learnt bodybuilding for two years and finally in 1367, he had gone to Russia and continued his higher education in military section.
At the outset, about his sport background he said, ‘As I loved sport, I started wrestling when I was 7 years of age. Then, I started boxing under supervision of Master Akhtari and finally in age 16, I started Kong Fu under supervision of Abdul Rahim Yousufi.’
He added when I had gone to Moscow for higher education, I started kickboxing there.
He stated I continued my professional trainings until 7th belt and received my master degree in this field.
He said I was the champion of my weight in kickboxing competitions in Moscow and received three gold medals and a championship cup.
He added when I returned to my country, I established kickboxing federation in Afghanistan in 1371, as finally in 1382 the federation has been officially recognized by Olympic Physical Education Administration.
He says now, I train the youth in kickboxing and free fight sport fields.
About characters of a trainer he said a trainer should be first a good athlete and kindly treat with his students so they can freely share their problems with him.
Where there is a club, we can think a brotherhood and moral school has been created for youth whom would make effort to gain pride to their homeland.
His message to youth was that the youth should practice sport in any field they want, because, through this, they can gain pride to their country and be healthy for long.
Nangialay Osmani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.