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A peace-puzzle solution in Afghanistan needs Taliban’s commitment

Ghani interview

In a country ravaged by almost four decades of war, peace is a precious alternative. Here in Afghanistan, where an entire generation has known nothing but conflict, violence and instability, whatever peace remains is fragile.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani says US President Donald Trump’s strategy to win the war against the Taliban is working.”For the first time, the possibility of peace is really at hand,” President Ghani in a recent exclusive interview told VICE News.

The President has pointed to a three-day ceasefire with the Taliban in June as proof that Afghanistan is moving toward peace. “The ceasefire showed that this country is ready for reconciliation,” the President said,”We are offering to overcome the past grievances and move forward and this I think is genuine because if they insist on a military victory that’s something the Afghans will not accept.”

Peace is indispensable in today’s world, and since, the international politics is inclining towards power play and the use of military dominance, the slogans of peace must be further strengthened. For the developing and under-developed countries peace is a prerequisite for other sorts of development.

Without sustainable peace, thinking of prosperity is nothing more than a figment of one’s imagination. With peace, a society would be on the track of a healthy evolution and it would be able to concentrate on many other issues that are hurdle in the way to bliss and contentment. 

Unfortunately, no peace has been forever and fortunately, no war has lasted long. Wars have always devastated human civilizations, killed millions of human beings, brought miseries and pains and yet they have not been rejected as unnecessary and this fact is very painful.

Peace will come to fruition in Afghanistan if the effective factors are committed to their human responsibilities. It is an unmistakable fact that there will be no peace unless the lofty ambition for peace and its fruit are pursued persistently. Therefore, the real perspectives on effective factors and elements of peace need to be evaluated to gain an outlook for peace.

The militants, which are counted the main issue for war and peace across the country, are the deciding factor in making peace. In addition to having destructive power, the Taliban and their ilk own considerable social, religious and ethnic bases in the country which have created the core of war and peace in Afghanistan.

Hence, reading and evaluating peace in the minds and deeds of such groups will be the basic needs for creating peace in the country. This will further unravel the grounds and tactic for peace and enlighten the outlook for peace and stability in the country.

Meanwhile the hope for peace will be met if the international community, in particular the US focus on the peace strategy, rather than strategy of war, and seek peaceful solution. The peace agenda needs to be designed and the international community needs to urge Pakistan and its allies to pursue peace and stability with genuine intention. Otherwise, the same trend will continue unabated.

However, if peace is pursued on “the principle of war”, the ambition for peace will not come to fruition despite more troops being sent to Afghanistan.


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