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A glance at peculiarities of Ustad Behzad’s painting art


By: Sayed Hassan Samedi

As an ancient historical city, Herat has always been enjoying magnificence and glory. Due to pleasant and lovely climate and acting as a connecting bridge among neighboring countries, this city owns high importance.
Therefore explaining its socio, economic, political and cultural specifications, historians and geographers have called it as the cradle of progress of science and culture.
This city sustained destructions but due to efforts and endeavors of Temore and his successors not only it regained its glorious past but also achieved further development and progress. Herat Temorids during their rule, fostered and trained and hosted large number of scientists, scholars and Ulema in different fields, praised their high position and exploited them in the direction of socio-economic development.
Ustad Kamaluddin Behzad was one of the unique personalities among Ulema and scholars and a skillful artist in painting and miniature.
Afghanistan art of miniature that had emerged in 7th and 8th centuries as a new artistic phenomenon, was directly affected by Chinese painting art. This effect continued until early ninth century and appearance of Herat Art School.
Kamaluddin Behzad was the only influencing figure behind change of Herat artistic School. Behzad was born in Herat, grown under the artistic-cultural umbrella of Temorids Empire and trained by acknowledged artists such as Mirak The Painter and Sayed Ahmad Tabrazi.
As one of the world’s famous miniaturists, Ustad Kamaluddin Behzad left behind priceless works.
This erudite and distinguished artist had tried to reflect natural realities in his works. He had a special method in his art and his successor artists had been following his method and style after him and even until our days that method or style has maintained its artistic and historical importance.
Humanitarian contents of Behzad works stem from his socio, economic and political situations that have resolute impact on Behzad art like color of light, atmosphere combination of colors….etc.
Human being is the material focul and pivotal point in Behzad works. Human being could belong to every social strata or group. Human being has been crystalized as a value and example in creation of artistic work with humanitarian content by post-Behzad artists with extraordinary importance.
Today’s artists, scholars and researchers also have recognized this artistic style of Behzad and researched it.
Behzad talent and hard work promoted him to highest stages of drawing and painting in painting art. King and his government senior authorities focused to and respected him poets appreciated him in their poems. He presented his painting tables based on poems of Nezami, Saadi, Ferdowsi and others that indicated incidents of that time.
During the era of Temorids, the art of painting and miniature had promoted to peak of progress and magnificence led by Behzad and he achieved highest position under Temorid ruler Sultan Hussein Bayeqra and established a new school in art of painting.
A number of works and paintings of Behzad are still in the world libraries and museums. His temporary painters and artists praised and appreciated his works.
Delicacies of his paintings including precise lines of pictures, beauty of sun rays, combination of colors etc had distinguished paintings of Behzad from others and many painters confirmed uniqueness of his art. Finally after 90 years of fruitful life, he passed away in Herat city and was buried on the slopes of Mukhtar mountain.

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