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A general position on ending of war

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The government position in Geneva conference on talks with the Taliban and end of war was original, logical and in the benefit of domestic regional and globle security. Based on this position those who are fighting the Afghan government must agree with ceasefire, accept humanitarian, citizenship particularly women rights of Afghan nationals, respect to the country’s military and civil bodies and enter talks with the Afghan government as a legal political force.
Based on principle position, those political groups who don’t accept the constitution, should suggest their amendment draft. The superpowers and NATO who have signed strategic and defensive pacts with Afghanistan, should talk with Kabul on reforms or change to these documents.
If the principle of existence of a government in Afghanistan geography would be ignored and the government body would descent at level of a faction, security of Afghanistan and the region and the world would be jeopardized. In every effort for ending of war, the Afghan government bodies should be respected. All peace efforts for ending of war and talks take place to reach a roadmap for this purpose, should be culminated to improvement of Afghan government bodies not its weakening. Plans like creation of an interim administration and restarting from zero, damage the government bodies. Such a way should be chosen that government bodies remain safe, be improved and the principle of government monopoly on force, not to be eliminated.
Supporting the position of Afghanistan on ending of war, the NATO countries took an important step. As the Geneva conference joint communique says, the world community including Kabul western allies supported Afghanistan stance on end of war. Support of the world community shows that the NATO member countries have concluded that weakening of the government in Afghanistan geography is not in interest of world security. They know that Sept 11 terrorist attack and its consequences were the effect of collapse of Afghan government and subsequent civil conflicts. If the government body had not been facing over throwing crisis in Afghanistan and the civil conflicts had not taken place, emerge of Taliban and presence of Al-qaeda were resolvable. Due to this reason further attention must be invited to improve the Afghan government body.
The intervention of the world community in the wake of Sept 11 in Afghanistan failed to achieve some of its goals.
In that time, it was announced that the goal behind this intervention is elimination of Al-qaeda, disintegration of Taliban, and establishment of a broad-based, partnershipping, powerful, and election based legitimate government in Afghanistan.
It is clear that Al-qaeda was not completely eliminated, the UNSG is still talking on Al-qaeda threat. Taliban were not only not disintegrated but the superpowers talk with their representatives.But establishment of the government was an achievable goal.
It is true that the Afghan government bodies have serious weaknesses but despite of that a reality in the name of Afghanistan government has taken shape that worths to be protected. So the efforts which their goal is ending of war, must not be managed in such away that nothing would remain in the name of government in Afghanistan geography.
Some close neighboring countries of Afghanistan don’t consider destruction of government body in this geography in their disadvantage.
The military and intelligence circles of our southern neighbor would like Afghanistan to shape in such away in which either it be ruled by hardliner religious groups or be dominated by different extremist groups as each group be connected with Islamabad separately.
But Afghanistan far neighbors have realized that lack of a modern and strong government in Afghanistan leads the whole region towards instability.
All regional countries should realize that connection of South Asia is not possible with the central Asia but through a secure and stable Afghanistan. Sustainable stability is created only when war ends in Afghanistan in such a way to cause strengthening of government bodies.
The program of Afghan government on ending of war presented in Geneva conference, is a roadmap that all global and regional players should discuss it. This roadmap should be accepted so our region and Afghanistan achieve stability.
Off course, the leaders of NUG have an important homework that should carry it out. President Ghani has claimed that the submitted roadmap to Geneva conference was prepared after consultation with leaders of political parties.
A national consensus on end of war and talks redline with Taliban should be created. Even the negotiating delegation should be reviewed and even it should be expanded it would be in total national interests of Afghanistan. The Kabul Times

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