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A feeling of having already experienced the exact present situation

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Have you ever been in the meddle of doing something, and suddenly overcome with the sensation that you have been in the exact place doing that exact same thing before? It is an odd or even a creepy sensation, but billions of people are experiencing this situation. Can it be explained by science, or is it something else? I have been experiencing this feeling many times. Afterward, I decided to search about it, and after searching a lot the findings were really interesting and informational, so I wanted to share it with many other people.
Déjà vu, pronounced day-zhaa voo, is a French word that means “already seen”. It describes the strange experience where you feel that something is very familiar, but you also know that this feeling of familiarity should not be as strong as it is. For example, you are drinking water in the kitchen, and suddenly you feel like you have been in the same exact situation before. For sure, you have drunk water many times, but the feeling is so strong and so connected to right now that you know it should not feel as overwhelming as it does. Even sometimes you feel that you have the same cloths and same mood as you had in the past. Déjà vu is a cool and at the same time creepy sensation, for it is described in movies and books because it gives people the feeling that they have somehow seen into the future. There are some other people too who think this sensation is something that you did in your previous life which is scientifically completely wrong. In my point of view déjà vu is unexplained for most of people in Afghanistan; although, we are between those billions of people who are experiencing it.
Now, what is déjà vu? Is it a mental phenomenon or something related to meta physics? Scientists explain déjà vu as a neurological  anomaly. Our memories typically work very well, and when we feel too familiar, whether it is a thing we recognize or not, and the familiarity feels wrong, we are probably having a déjà vu experience. According to Teal & O’Connor “We often notice this kind of over familiarity because the feeling happens very quickly and then also quickly fades to a normal level of familiarity”. Simply, two things are responsible for remembering, familiarity and recollection when these two become out of sync, we experience déjà vu. In addition, certain pharmaceutical drugs such as Amantadin and Phynelpropanolamine can also increase the intensity of the feeling that you are repeating a moment from your life.
Who is mostly experiencing déjà vu? A survey shows that over 65% of people have been experiencing déjà vu in their lives, or we can say about two – third of people in the world have the experience of déjà vu. Mainly, People who travel more or watch more movies are more likely to experience déjà vu than others.  Furthermore, people also tend to experience déjà vu more in fragile conditions or under high pressure, and research shows that the experience of déjà vu also decreases with age which means young people experience it more than old people. Additionally, “déjà vu is a sign for the people who are experiencing it that they are very good at spotting when their brains start telling them that things are more familiar than they ought to feel.” There are many other theories about déjà vu, and every day researchers find something new and more interesting than past about déjà vu, but at the end of the day it is up to you that you consider it a scientific phenomenon or something else.
 Farhat Dunya Gharwal

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