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A big blow to IS-K


The National Directorate of Security (NDS) operatives arrested head of the Islamic State (IS) of Daesh for Khurasan during military operation this week, the NDS said the other day in a statement.

 According a press release issued by NDS, the IS head for Khurasan identified as Abdullah Orakzai alias Aslam Farooqi was arrested along with 19 gunmen during a special operation. The arrested gunmen included two close aides of Aslam Farooqi identified as Qari Zahid and Saifullah alias Abu Talha, the press release stated. Saifullah was a Pakistani national, the press release said.

According to NDS, the IS head had confessed during initial investigation that the IS-K had deep ties with intelligence agencies of the region.

It is believed that the IS head for Khurasan and other gunmen were arrested during operation in a southern province of Afghanistan. However, the NDS did not disclose the exact location and time of his arrest.

Afghanistan government is still in fighting with Daesh in the country. If Daesh fighters are not suppressed, they will finally change Afghanistan to a hub for terrorism and violence and its consequences would possibly even more dangerous.

What important for the government is to adopt further security measures and prevent from influence of Daesh in the country. Most of crimes committed by Daesh have been documented through posts in Facebook and WhatsApp pages. Videos of stoning, killing, beheading and training of children for shooting people are commonly posted in Facebook and WhatsApp.

Daesh and IS-K are supported by countries in the region. Most of the people believe that those who are active as members of Daesh and commit crimes in the country are part of other group of the Taliban equipped and funded by Pakistan, but direct and indirect role of Pakistan has been considered as significant in strengthening of Daesh fighters in Afghanistan.

Presence of Khurasan branch of the Islamic State (IS) is believed to be the worst experience in Afghanistan. Although the branch does not have the ability of big operations in Afghanistan, its fighters have focused on terrorizing Afghan citizens.

It is worth mentioning that Daesh had declared the eastern Nangarhar province as capital of Khurasan branch of the Islamic State. Last year, Afghanistan government announced complete defeat of Daesh in the country in particular Nangarhar.

Despite the fact that a large number of Daesh fighters have surrendered to Afghan forces and the government had declared their defeat, they have taken the responsibility for the two recent deadly attacks in Kabul killing a large number of innocent civilians.

But the recent arrest has been a big blow to the terrorist group in the country. Meanwhile the recent operation showed capability of the Afghan forces that they are much stronger to fight and curb menace of terrorism in the country. Although Taliban militants pledged to a major reduction in violence in their recent deal with US, but the group has further extended their operations against the Afghan forces.

The country’s security and defense forces are fighting different terrorist groups in the country, aiming to provide a safe and sound for the war-suffered nation.

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