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91 pc. of development budget spent, ministry

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KABUL: Chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the cabinet held meeting the other day, the Presidential Palace said in a statement.
According to the agenda, acting minister of finance Dr. Homayoun Qayoumi and policy deputy of that ministry presented the economic growth strategy and Geneva mutual responding framework’s implementing plan under national peace and Afghanistan’s development umbrella, the statement further said.
Afterwards, acting minister of finance and deputy to that ministry’s revenue and custom-houses presented 1397 fiscal year’s national revenue report, saying that the finance ministry could earn and inject 183.03 billion Afghani to the government’s treasury, an amount showed eight percent increase in compare with last year and seven percent increase based on IMF determined goal.
Appreciating the finance ministry’s functions in revenues collection in 1397 fiscal year, the cabinet approved that ministry’s report and suggestions and tasked the relevant ministries and administrations to step up in tackling current challenges in term of revenues’ collection and in cooperation with finance ministry to arrange revenues’ specific plan.
Then, acting minister of finance and his finance deputy presented the report of 1397 fiscal year’s budget consumption, they pointed out that up to Qaus 26 this year, 124.355 billion Afghani had been spent, indicating that 91 percent of the development budget had been spent which shows 24 percent increase in compare with last year. Likewise, the deputy finance minister said 19 government administrations had spent over 90 percent of their development budget in which the ministries of public works, rural rehabilitation and development, public health, agriculture, irrigation and livestock and Breshna Company are at the highest level of development budget’s consumption.
He also offered some suggestions for 1398 fiscal year (elections year) to prevent financial crisis similar to 2014.
Appreciating the ministries and government administrations’ activities in the field of budget consumption, the cabinet called increase in development budget consumption a qualitative change and indicator of reforms in the government administrations, tasking the finance ministry to adopt necessary measures on performing budget to the ministries since beginning of 1398 fiscal year and present its report each month on spending budget to identify the best and weakest administration in term of budget consumption. Acting minister of finance and his ministry’s general head of financial policies presented a policy on management of civil employees’ salaries. They added the policy would help arrange the salaries’ increase based on employees’ eligibility and specialty. The cabinet principally approved the policy and tasked the finance ministry to arrange and edit the mentioned policy in consultation with cabinet members.
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