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8th ministerial meeting of Heart of Asia


By: Suraya Raiszada

The 8th meeting of Heart of Asia or Istanbul Process foreign ministers was held in Turkey at a time that unfortunately terrorism is still a threat against regional and global peace. Afghanistan peace is one of the pivotal issues of this event.
Talking on the meeting of Istanbul process, deputy spokesman of the MoFA Pir Joyenda said, in this conference, beside other issues including war on terror, expansion of regional economic cooperations, on all challenges, advances and new commitments would be discussed.
President Ghani who has attended this conference, is expected to meet authorities and representatives of member countries on the side line of the conference.
Political analyst Amir Mohammad while calling such meetings important to prevent terrorist activities and ensuring peace in Afghanistan said, although the previous meetings of Heart of Asia have produced no positive results for restoration of peace and war on terror but despite of that its an important event. We know that terrorism has been created in this region and its solution is also in this region. With holding of this meeting, an effective step would be taken for uprooting of terrorism, draining of terrorists’ funding source and elimination of their hideouts.
The regional countries are expected to offer new commitments for Afghan peace and take sincere steps in this direction.
Akbar Hassas a political commentator said, until the regional countries are not loyal to this commitments for Afghan peace, such meetings would produce no positive results. The Heart of Asia has failed so far to implement its policies in member countries. Its decisions should not remain on paper. Despite of several regional and global meetings on Afghanistan but Afghans have not achieved reliable peace and security.
Heart of Asia was created in 2011 aimed to determine a roadmap, help war on terror, drugs, trade and investment with 15 members and 16 supporters. The members include Afghanistan, Iran, UAE, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Azerbaijan, Russia, China and Tajikistan. Encouragement of regional cooperations between Afghanistan and neighbors, particularly in war on terror, extremism, elimination of poverty are key targets of the organization.
The first meeting of Heart of Asia was held on Nov 2nd, 2011 in Istanbul.

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