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8th March; a unique opportunity for women

Maryam Miharzad

By: Qarizada

Women lays the foundation of the most basic moral pillar in a society and undertaken different roles according to her social origin that ultimately culminate to promotion of justice.
Since the outset of creation, the presence of a woman at all moments of life, forced men to have swift behavior. In the course of history, we can find capable and qualified women who have entered the field and undertook constructive roles.
Holy Quran has attached high respect and value to women and ordered man to have kind and friendly approach with them. Man and woman are indeed two stars. Lack of attention to natural status of women causes trampling down of her rights. 
Islam has given the right of education to women. Rapid socio, economic, cultural achievements have gifted big opportunities to society and people particularly women including annulment of slavery, equal ethnicity, freedom and justice. In Afghan society women have access to ministries and parliament. While two decades ago the Afghan women were deprived of work and education. Today one/ third students are girls and the number of female students has increased by 40 percent in schools and 19 percent in universities and institutes of higher educations. The number of teachers in schools and universities has increased by 31 and 15 percent respectively. Sayed Naser an educated youth told The Kabul Times: It is encouraging that Afghan women have better future ahead. Chaotic years failed to prevent Afghan women to raise

Sayed Nasir Rasikh

 their voices. Women have maintained their position. Nothing would manage to prevent them to have more gains.

Ignoring of current challenges ahead of Afghan women is impossible but at the same time confirming of their progresses in Afghanistan society is encouraging.
Maryam Mehrzad has graduated in 2014 from the faculty of medicine and beside being a doctor, she is a businesswoman too and has opened a restaurant in old Microrayon. “My only hope is restoration of a reliable and permanent peace in our homeland under which all people specially women and girls would be allowed to lead their life and study in a peaceful atmosphere,” she added.
Another girl, Zarmina Spessaly said: 8th of March is a unique opportunity throughout the world for the women to raise their problems, challenges and achievements and seek ways to address them.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.