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8 billion AFG decrease in security organs for 2020 fiscal year


By: Shukria Kohistani

It is determined that 8 billion AFG will be cut down from expenses of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) in national budget for 2020 fiscal year.
Officials for the ministry of defense say based on a plan of the ministry, it is determined that 8 billion AFG will be saved in national budget for the coming fiscal year.
Despite an overall increase in the total security organization budget, the Interior Ministry’s budget will be less next year.
In the next year’s (1399) budget plan, more than 155 billion Afghanis have been allocated for the Defense Ministry, Internal Affairs Ministry and the National Security Directorate.
There will be an increase for the Ministry of Defense and the National Directorate of Security, but a decrease in the budget for the Ministry of Interior.
In the fiscal Year 1399 budget’s document, 81.4 billon Afghanis are earmarked for the Afghan Ministry of Defense, 54.2 billion for the Ministry of Interior, and 19.5 billion for the National Directorate of Security.
However, in the current fiscal year (1398), the budget of the Ministry of Defense is 78.8 billion Afghanis, the budget of the Ministry of Interior is 54.8 billion, and the budget of the National Directorate of Security is 18.2 billion Afghanis.
Afghanistan government is planning to save and prevent from unnecessary expenses in the budget determined to be spent for the country’s ANDSF. Based on this plan determined to be implemented next year, it is determined that the money which is spent in unnecessary sections within ANDSF is saved.
From among other security organs, the ministry of defense is planning to cut down 8 billion AFG from the expenses of ANA forces’ budget for 2020 fiscal year.
“Step was taken last year to implement a plan for saving money in the budget of the ministry of defense,” said Fawad Aman, deputy spokesperson to the ministry of defense.
He added that 3 billion AFG was saved in the budget of the current year, saying that 8 billion AFG was determined to be saved in national budget for 2020 fiscal year.
Aman considered connecting of ANA centers to city electricity network, creation and enhancement of workshops for repairing generators and considerable reduction in using fuel used for the electricity as ways for saving in national budget for 2020 fiscal year.
The MoD spokesperson stressed that in consideration to saving plan of money in the next year budget, the budget of the ministry of defense which has been estimated 81.5 billion AFG will be sufficient.
But, he stated if the MoD budget further decreases based on the recent plan of the government, the ANA programs with face with problems.
Meanwhile, Afghan military experts believe that reduction in the budget of the country’s ANDSF will cause that security organs cannot do their job well.
“Currently, Afghanistan security and defense organs use and have little budget comparing to security and defense organs of neighboring countries; therefore, the budget decreases more and more, the country’s security and defense organs will get weak,” said Atiqullah Amarkhil, an Afghan military expert. He suggested that the government should increase budget for ANDSF rather than decrease their budget, instead the government should cut down the budget of the ministry of foreign affairs and its advisors.

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