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70 percent of Afghans against Taliban’s Emirate system


By: Suraya Raiszada

Afghanistan Strategic Studies Institute has conducted a survey across the country. Based on the report, nearly 70 percent of Afghanistan people are against Taliban’s emirate system.
The institute’s new survey has been conducted under the title of ‘Monitoring of Afghanistan People on Political Settlement and Political Discipline after Reconciliation with Taliban’.
Based on the survey conducted across the country, most of the interviewees have criticized the government of Afghanistan for not maintaining security in the country but have expressed their concerns with political system of the Taliban’s emirate system.
In the survey, it has been said that 87 percent of the interviewees believed that the government should observe the variety of social, cultural and equal rights of Afghan citizens.
Meanwhile, state ministry for peace affairs by pointing to the survey conducted by Afghanistan Strategic Studies Institute said the people of Afghanistan would never surrender to gun and violence as the people want ceasefire in the country.
“We’re working and making effort towards starting a national debate on peace in the country in order to have visions and views of various tribes and segments of people as well as civil society organizations in this regard,” said Abdul Salam Rahimi, state minister for peace affairs.
According to state ministry for peace affairs, the people of Afghanistan want permanent ceasefire as reduction of violence have no meaning to the people and government of Afghanistan.
Hadi Ayub, an analyst with the Afghanistan Strategic Studies Institute, disclosed the survey’s outcome, saying 1,500 people were interviewed in 34 provinces for the survey.
He said the participants answered questions regarding political solution, political discipline and legitimate system. Marital status, ethnicity and level of education were considered in the survey, he added.
He said most of the interviewees termed nation-wide election as the best option for political settlement between the Afghan government and the Taliban and they believed Taliban’s presence in the government was a logical way to resolve the conflict.
He said the participants rejected other options to resolve the conflict such as allowing the Taliban to enjoy free movement under their controlled areas or the Taliban and government agree to a power sharing formula.
Meanwhile, a number of Afghan political experts while expressing their support from the new survey conducted by Afghanistan Strategic Studies Institute stress that the people of Afghanistan do not want to go back.
“As talks and reconciliation are a national process, all segments of people and tribes should be included and the process should be led and owned by Afghanistan government and that all developments in connection with peace talks should be shared with ordinary people time by time,” said Ahmad Imran, an Afghan political expert.
He stressed that the people have experienced worse days of their life during the regime of the Taliban; therefore, the US should not decide lonely as each peace agreement without presence and demand of the people and government of Afghanistan would lead the country to crisis. Another Afghan political expert Jamal Farahmand says ceasefire is the only option that can boost trust between the Taliban and the people who want permanent ceasefire in the country. This comes as talks between the US and the Taliban are underway and fresh reports indicate progress in these talks, but a final agreement is yet to be reached. 

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