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65pc Afghans lack access to electricity

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By: Shukria Kohistani

A new research of Afghanistan Transparency Watch (ATW) shows that due to lack of good governance in energy sector large number of people are deprived from power energy.
Talking on the results of this research, chairman of ATW Sayed Ekram Afzali said, 65pc of Afghans have no access to power energy due to no good governance that has caused economic, environmental problems as well as slow growth of economy. People have to use cheap and accessible energy sources.
Afzali went on to say, use of dirty energy in cities and forests in rural areas has caused environmental problems. All Afghanistan cities have been polluted due to lack of these.
This year Afghanistan cities specially capital Kabul was one of the most polluted cities according to Air Visual sites.
Officials of NEPA have repeatedly warned the citizens to use clean energy during winter but the warning was inapplicable due to lack of regular power energy and astronomical hike of gas prices in domestic markets. At the outset of winter and peak of cold, liquid gas was supplied Afs 120 per kilo that was unaffordable for absolute majority of Afghans. The people claim that use of clean energy is applicable only if gas price decrease and the government supply regular power.
The ATW research indicates that no clear distinction has been made in polices, executive and supply serves in energy sector that caused no access to energy.
Afzali clarified that the MoEW is not ready yet to transfer WAPECA that has executive authorities to relevant departments including Breshna Co and Urban Water Supply and Canalization Co based on law of Power Energy Regulating Authority that was approved in 1395 solar year but the Power Energy Regulating authority has not been set up yet.
Afzali said that these following factors including lack of a clear and single vision from good governance, lack of sustainable support of government leaders for creation and implementation of such a vision and reluctance and procrastination of relevant bodies particularly MoEW, MoMP, MoCI and MoF have left negative impacts on implementation of good governance vision in energy sector.
He clarified that if the role of arrangement and executive policy be specified, the country will be rescued from this situation and the citizens problems will be solved, otherwise economic and environmental problems will be increased. The MoEW said that it would be acting according to promises given at the beginning of NUG. Spokesman of the MoEW Ahmad Seyar Naikzad said, “Right now projects of this ministry are in progress in five zones practically and even some of the them have been completed and exploited. With the completion of these projects, more people would have access to power energy.
Rejecting the claim of ATW on not establishment of power services Regulating Authority ATW said that the Law on Power Services Regulating Authority was approved in 1385 solar year and it was established in 1397 practically and has been operating.

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