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6 million USD saved in Hajj program: Ministry

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Hajj is the 5th of pillar of the holy religion of Islam and is incumbent on every Muslim who affords extra money of his family’s expansions.
Every year, large number of eligible people depart to Makkah to perform Hajj process. In this connection, the Kabul Times reporter has made the following interview with director of publications, Ministry of Haj and Religious Affairs Naseruddin Dareez.
Talking on facilities provided by private companies for Hajj pilgrims, he said a number of companies have made contracts with hotels in different sections like accommodations, food, medical fields anda quantity of medicines has been purchased and 60 doctors from Ministry o Puiblic Health will be sent to Saudi Arabia as well.
The contracts were signed by National Procurement Authority with the participation of the representative of the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs.
He added, due to transparency of the contracts in this year, about USD six million have been savedin government treasury, as 30000 people are expected this year to go to Makkah.
He went on to say, good facilities have been considered including modern cars, hotels with available resources. “We receive US $2600 from each Sunni Haji while US$ 2650 from each Shia haji, while Hajis from Iran and Pakistan pay over US$ 3000 per person.”

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Answering a question about past year and present problems, Dareez added, problems exist in Hajj ceremony and traveling by airplane and warm weather cause problems. “Unfamiliarity with language and territory is another problem. Their food differs from ours. Their bread is often fermented. They boil rice that cause unrest to Hajis,” he added.
He went on to say, the first convoy left Kabul for Makkah on July 14, 2018 and so far 34 convoyshave taken off, carrying around 300-320 passenger in each convoy. “Our flights have also started from Herat and Balkh and the last flights would be from Kandahar the flights would be concluded prior to Zulhejjah Lunar month.”
The government has allocated 6000 slots that have been given to all ministries similar shares. If someone want to go to Mecca, he/ she can apply.
Masouda Qarizada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.