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5000 families receive coupon


By: The Kabul Times

The in-charges of State Ministry for Martyrs and Disabled Affairs reporting about the process of distribution of coupon to the heirs of military martyrs and the victims of recent terrorist events in the country added that so far, 5000 packages of food items (coupon) has been distributed to these families.
The in-charges of this ministry also said that it is planned this year, another 7000 coupons to be distributed to other needy families.
The spokesman of state ministry for martyrs and disabled affairs Zia-ul-Haq Fazli in a briefing with media said that based on the decree of president Ghani, only the families of martyrs of national security directorate, ministries of interior, national defense as well as the families of recent 18 years terrorist attacks would receive coupon.
Fazli regarded the aim of distribution of these food items packages is supporting of victims of security forces and appreciation of their families.
He said that in first step, coupon would be distributed to those eligible families in the provinces belong to central zone that are included of Kabul, Parwan, Kapisa, Maidan-Wardak and Logar and then to other provinces.
The 12000 families of militarymen and the victims of war would receive nine months coupon.
So far, 300000 families have been registered as the civil and military heirs and disabled at the ministry of martyrs affairs and disabled.
The spokesman of this ministry stated that from among this figure 171 families are included of heirs of military martyrs and civilians victims.
In such a state, those families who received coupon of food items are complaining about the slow process of distribution of food items and hope this process to be continued in the future too.
Representing from one of these families, Abdul Zaher says that they only receive the food package of Hamal solar month and another months didn’t distributed to them.
Zaher adds that his brother Saleh Mohammad was one of the personnel of national security directorate that lost his life in 1381 in Logar.
According to him, 12 heirs have been remained from his brother and coupon can help his family.
Likewise, Shekeba 42, the lady of one of police officers says that seven children and her old mother remained from her husband.
Mrs, Shekeba says that her husband Mirajuddin martyred in the war on terror six years before.
This lady that received a three month coupon hopes the items of coupon should be increased and be distributed continuously to deserving families.
Despite of all these, the in-charges of state ministry in martyrs and disabled affairs say that so far, the experimental distribution process of coupon was not ended and also no any decree has been received for continuation of the process after nine months as well.
The advisor in technical affairs of the ministry, Akbar Zirak says that the reason behind slow distribution of coupon is this that the process is experimental and some delay has been occurred in its distribution but in upcoming Sunbula month, the three-months package of food items would be distributed for heirs of military martyrs all together and at once.
Additionally, the in-charges of this ministry say that the packages of food items that are distributing as booklet of the rights of martyrdom are include of six food items of flour, rice, edible oil, bean, tea and lentil.
The incharges concerned say that every food item package costs Afs. 4319.
The technical advisor of this ministry says that the experimental distribution of this coupon began in Hamal of current year and would continue till month of Qaus for nine months.
This is in a time that prior of this, president Ghani distributed the package of food item in Dalwa 15 of last year to a number of families of military martyrs and said that he assure the citizens that those families, who gave sacrifice for defending of their country would not be forgotten.
Prior to this, distribution of packages of food items was continuing as free of charge by government till beginning of civil wars in 1371 solar year.
In such a way, the process of distribution of food items package resumed after 26 years in the country.
It is mentionable that in previous governments, all government personnel were enjoying from coupon packages beside the security and defense forces personnel.
Based on this documents all food items were distributing free of charge via government stores.
But now, it is unknown that whether distribution of food items packages would continue to the families of martyrs of security personnel and families of war victims and would cover all country or not?
The in-charges concerned say that so far, no decree has been released for continuation of this process.

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