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46pc reduction of international aids to Afghanistan


By: Shukria Kohistani

International aids for development of Afghanistan reduced 46pc in the last eight years. The MoF has announced that from 2010-2018, international aids for development of Afghanistan have reduced to US $ 8.4b from US $ 15.7b that shows a figure of 46 pc.
Addressing the media, Deputy MoF Naheed Sarabi said, following the transitional period, the world financial and military aids for Afghanistan were reducing and the Afghan government has been working on self-sufficiency plans and programs.
According to Ms. Sarabi in 2016 Brussels meeting 29 countries had committed about US $11 b out of which about US$ 5b is being consumed.
Talking on the alternative international aids, she said that support and improvement of private sector and loans could be possible.
Touching the plan of the MoF for loaning of US $ 8b she said that no step will be taken on this issue without consultation with people.
Naheed Sarabi added, in 2010 our revenues were almost US $ 1.3b and in 2018 it increased to US $ 2.6b that shows two times increase in eight years.
She added, the total public expenditures in 2010 were US $ 17b but in 2018 it was US $ 11b shows a 35pc reduction.
Talking on the recent achievements of the Afghan government in the sector of bilateral commitments with the world community according to Geneva Mutual Accountability framework, Sarabi said, GMAF owns 24 indics including 16 indices responsibility of the Afghan government and 8 indices common between the Afghan government and its development partners.
According to Sarabi, the government has managed to implement its commitments in the field of codification and implementation of counter-corruption strategy, increase of female employees in civil services, employment of 33 female attorneys and 8 judges.
Sarabi clarified that state building contract with EU has been effective for Afghanistan as in lieu of implementation of provision of this contract, € 100m will be paid to the account of the Afghan government at the end of 2019.
The world community had promised to grant financial aids to Afghanistan until 2024 but afterwards it should not reduce it.
Economist Saifuddin Saihoon said, although certain steps have been taken on elimination of corruption, drugs and continuation capacity building but for continuation of these measures we need fund.
So the donors should review their decision.
Certain development projects have not been implemented in some provinces due to shortage of budget. The Afghan people request the world community to continue their aids and not cut them and help us to achieve self-sufficiency.

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