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42,000 tons of foodstuffs imported to Afghanistan in past week: Ministry

Hairatan port

By: Shukria Kohistani

KABUL: Afghanistan’s Ministry of Transportation has said that 42,000 tons of foodstuffs have been imported from central Asian countries in the past one week.

Following Coronavirus outbreak in the country, officials for the Ministry of Transportation and Civil Aviation say transit process of foodstuffs and trade goods is normally underway via railway as 42,000 tons foodstuffs have been imported to Afghanistan in the past one week.

According to a spokesperson to the ministry of transport, 92,000 trade goods have been transited in a train to Afghanistan. “42,000 tons of the transit goods have been foodstuffs and the rest were construction materials and fuel.”

“From among 42,000 tons of foodstuffs, 12,000 tons were wheat, 29,000 tons of flour, 248 tons were the cooking oil that have been imported to Afghanistan in the past one week via Hairatan, Aqina and Torghundi ports,” said Ali Sina, the spokesperson to the ministry of transport.

He added that 27,000 tons of fuel, 9,000 tons of gas, 7,000 tons of construction material and 4,000 tons non-foodstuffs have been imported via the respective ports to Afghanistan in the past one week.

According to the ministry of transportation and civil aviation, transit goods to Afghanistan are underway despite of coronavirus outbreak in the country as effort is being made that the process is not stopped at any circumstances. 

Following coronavirus outbreak in the country, the price of the primary foodstuffs has doubled in Afghanistan markets.

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