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300 contaminating places in Kabul stopped working

steps taken to fight pollution in afghanistan capital spring 2015

By: Shukria Kohistani

Pollution of Kabul city air has been changed to a problem and monster nowadays. Although the government has made certain efforts to relax pollution but apparently were not effective.
Kabul citizens say that the government plans for reduction of pollution have not been fruitful because even a slight change has not taken place in the situation despite of heavy snowfall in recent days.
The government had undertaken practical measures for reducing of pollution and as a result several suburbs, factories, baths and other contaminating centers who used harmful materials, were shut.

Talking to media, Director of Information and Public Awareness giving branch of NEPA Mohammad Qasem Rahimi said, in the last three weeks 300 contaminating places were identified and shut by NEPA.
Our monitoring teams are moving every day in Kabul city, confiscate permit of every enterprise or high rise building who use contaminating materials and introduce them to legal and judicial branches. Protection of environment is a collective work and results of our steps have played basic role in reducing of Kabul air pollution. Spokeswoman of Kabul Municipality Narges Mohmand said, Kabul Municipality has been controlling those high rise buildings who use contaminating materials. For implementation of government plan on reducing of air pollution, the KM has carried out practical works that produced good results.
A number of experts said that the government plan on reduction of pollution has caused increasing problems instead of decreasing them, because following shutting of some coal dealers, the liquid gas price increased from Afs 48 per kilo to Afs 110 per kilo.
Experts claimed that this plan was a temporary and symbolic gesture like other plans and took place merely few days.
They believe that if the government doesn’t find an alternative for fuel, Kabul air will be more polluted and the government plan will fail.
One month ago, the president assumed responsibility of Counter-Pollution High Commission of the capital and beside a five years long term plan, president Ghani ordered responsible departments to prepare a short term plan for this purpose.
Burning of low quality coal, fuel by vehicle and unpaved roads are main reasons of pollution in the capital city.
Kabul residents claim that strong air pollution has caused their children to be affected with Pneumenia and heart problems. Due to pollution and monsoonal diseases, over 8000 people have referred to Kabul hospitals last week
In the wake of recent snowfalls, due to strong cold air, large number of people became sick.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.