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30 students receive certificates in seven art fields


By: Karima Malikzada

On the occasion of distribution graduation documents of 30 students part branch who has successfully completed their learning course and artist exhibition who have in Maimanagi Art Gallery.
At the outset, addressing the event, deputy, MOIC for culture and Tourism affairs Prof Mohmmad Rasul Bawari’’ said I am sure during your course you have learned different methods in these seven branches and received your graduation documents. You made heavy effort and learned a lot of things. The Art Gallery paved the way to you to learn how to be self-sufficient, self-, sufficient people enjoy the life. Other who need others, cannot essentially enjoy.
I congratulate the graduate and sincerely thank your teacher who taught you.
Afterward Director the Art Gallery Mohmmad Hashim Shareque addressing the event, said’’ Afghanistan enjoys diverse cultural dimness and peculiarities. Our capable and talented personal have always been trying to enrich our culture and art they have left behind different cultural artistic works. Valuable works have decorated the worlds biggest libraries and museums. The cultural and artistic works of Temorides of Herat in the field of painting miniature, calligraphy and other fine arts, are source of our pride. Currently 456 students are involved in learning programs of Art Gallery in different fields, and today 30 girls and boys received their graduation certificates.
He added’’ In the field of painting there are 182 students including 78 females and 110 males, 189 students in Graphic Department,179 students including 115 males and 64
55 male and female students are learning in the field of music. He added, In the field of Children program and what develop children talent and I would like to draw attention of the MoIC authorities to support us because children are our future builders. Talking on this problems, Shareque added’’ problems of Art methods have been solved and extended due to attention of art gallery. Bawari added’’ we hope the rest of problems would be removed, the Art Gallery lacks suitable place to hold exhibition for domestic and foreign artistic works, we draw the attention of MoIC. Parwana one of the graduates said’’ I learned painting under Ustad Najib and today I am pleased that after three years I received graduation certificate. As a result of our teacher effort we have learned all these arts free of charge, I thank the Gallery Departments who provided all these opportunities to us. At the conclusion distribution of certificates took place by Prof.Bawari.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.