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29 percent of 16 mln eligible to work suffer unemployment, ministry

وزارت کار، امور اجتماعی، شهدا و معلولین

During accountability day to the nation, the ministry of labour, social affairs, martyrs and disabled said that 29 percent of 16 million people eligible to work were unemployed and 23 percent others were facing with inadequate work problem.
Calling efforts made by the government last year effective on declining unemployment rate, the minister of labour Anwar Sadat said that 400000 jobs have been created last year.
He added we are making effort to prepare the ground for more employment opportunities this year as well.
Job opportunities in private sector are being increased by each passing and it is estimated that over the last years, 700000 job opportunities have been created, he went on to say.
Experts believe that creating two million job opportunities have been among commitments made by the leaders of the national unity government which has been renewed in “National Labour Conference”. But unfortunately, the government failed to do so in four years.
To decrease unemployment rate, the ministry of labour is responsible to prepare the ground for job opportunities, because, as our people are witnessed, lack of job opportunities has caused most of youth to resort to narcotics which is very concerning, Saifuddin Saihoun said to The Kabul Times.
At the same time, a number of youth who suffer unemployment say that lack of job has made them to start illegal works.
An unemployed university graduate Shah Habib says that I have been looking for a job for years, but I failed to find any until now. He added, relations play key role in the government administrations but unfortunately, I don’t know anyone and don’t know what to do?
He asked the government to put to advertise undeclared posts so the people can find a job through open competitions.
The minister of labour also pointed out at private sector retired employees’ regulation, adding the regulation has recently been approved and its procedure will be prepared within the next six months.
This comes as recently, a number of private media journalists in a meeting with President Ghani shared their payment problems when they are retired, after which the president approved the payment system of private sector retired employees.

Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.