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28th Asad; a glorious, historical day

Ghazai A

By: Shukria Kohistani

The Afghan full of ups and down history has inserted divers days in itself as one of these memorable and glorious days is 28th Asad that has been accepted as the freedom symbol of the country.
Exactly one hundred years ago, on 28th Asad (Aug 19.1919) or 1298 solar year, Afghanistan political independence was restored and a new chapter was opened in our old history.
Although the Great Britain was not such a country that from whom we could got rid off simply, but nevertheless due to huge failures that had sustained, it failed to become barrier in the path of Afghan brave people freedom and independence movement led by their progressive and patriotic ruler and leader, King Amanullah Khan and yielded to our independence, but continued its covert interferences for long time.
In the wake of Afghanistan independence restoration, the GB had dominated the Indian subcontinent for over quarter a century and was able and managed to supervise situation of Afghanistan through different ways and had paved the way for its interference.
But despite of that Afghanistan had restored its political independence officially and was acting as an independent country in its foreign relations.
But exactly six decades later, Afghanistan independence was once again invaded by our northern neighbor of the Soviet Union Red Army who was encountered with strong reaction, resistance and firm intention of our brave and freedom loving and freedom fighter people and their freedom fighting was recorded in the world history
A question arises here that why Afghanistan has always been invaded alone? This question needs convincing response. Experts believe that few important reasons and factors are behind these consecutive overt and covert invasions of the then political and military superpowers.
Geographical location of our country could be one of these factors. The Afghan brave people protected and defended their small country with sincere devotion while surrounded by defunct USSR, China, India, Pakistan and Iran. This key location had naturally invited invasion of invadors.
The second important factor behind several invasions could be our virgin and unearthed natural resources that have always encouraged and attracted creedy countries to invade it. Fortunately so far have failed to achieve their nasty goals and bad intentions and were notorious.
The third factor which is domestic factor includes no attention to national unity, weakness and egoism of the then governments who had taken political power in their hands, illiteracy and laziness of people on certain occasions had caused the opportunists to exploit it and invade us.
Beside the three abovementioned factors, there are other reasons too that had faced our peaceful homeland to the past and present tragic consequences. The Afghan people need to distinguish and remove them.
Every person and country is allowed to be proud of its honors. For example sport competitions, whenever a country is announced winner in the world competitions or at regional level achieves a championship, its people became extremely happy, appear in the streets and express their pleasure while preservation of independence and freedom and achieving national honors are much more enjoyable then that.
The Afghan people have not only given sacrifices for achieving of freedom but for protection of independence too.Our history testifies the braveries and devotion and sacrifices of Ahmad Shah Baba, Mirwais Khan, Wazir Akbar Khan, Ghazi Ayoub Khan, Mullah Muskalam etc. plus mujaheddin of Afghan war against Russians who gave unique sacrifices for defending of their freedom. We appreciate all of them and promote their achievements. 

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