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2527 cases of violence against women investigated this year, AGO


By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: A total of 2,527 cases of violence against women have been investigated since the beginning of the outgoing fiscal year, a statement from the Attorney General Office said Wednesday.
Addressing a news conference, Jamshid Rassouli, the spokesman of the Attorney General Office (AGO) said up to 2,527 cases of anti-women violence have so far been investigated all over the country’s provincial attorney offices.
“The entire issues related to violence against women have been assessed fairly and impartially across the country’s provinces,” said the spokesman.
The cases included beating, sexual abuse, forced-marriage, torture, prevention from marriage rights and work and preventing them from property ownership, said the spokesman, as quoted by the statement. Women attorneys have also increased from six provinces to 32 provinces, the statement said to have been among the AGO’s achievements over the past four years in the country.
The AGO has also established anti-women violence assessment agencies, across the 34 provinces of the country, said the statement.

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