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2500 Afghan workers to be soon sent to UAE, ministry

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2500 Afghan workers would be sent to UAE in the first month of next solar year.
Reporting about the issue, the minister of labor, social affairs, disabled and martyrs said according to the agreement signed with UAE, 2500 workers would be sent to that country in next year’s Hamal.
This is while that a number of unemployed youth leave the country to find a work in foreign countries. A number of youth say that however they have graduated from universities, but they failed to find a job so far. A Kabul citizen Ahmad said after I graduated from university, I hoped to be recruited in a government administration, but I didn’t succeed so far.
Meanwhile, the government of Afghanistan has arranged a strategy to tackle this challenge, based on which the ministry of labor and social affairs would prepare the ground for employment opportunities to a number of youth.
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During a meeting to inaugurate work immigration national strategy, Minister Faizullah Zaki told media that we are talking with Saudi Arabia so to pave the way for employment opportunities to Afghan workers.
In fact, insecurity, corruption, lack of necessary policies and employment facilities are among the factors behind unemployment and poverty in the country.
According to the ministry of labor and social affairs, currently, 1.9 million people are suffering unemployment challenge in Afghanistan.
Minister Zaki says efforts are ongoing to decrease unemployment rate in the country.
Protection of workers’ rights, development of working immigrations and providing employment opportunities to Afghans in abroad are among the issues have been considered in working immigration national strategy.
Welcoming the strategy, labors national union says professional workers should be first prioritized to send and those who know other languages.
Head of the union, Marouf Qaderi said that our workers were skillful, but they should be further trained so they can find a job in their profession in UAE.
Annually, 400,000 youth are being added to unemployed people, that is why 40 percent of Afghans are living under poverty line, he added.
This comes as the government of Afghanistan is committed to make effort to reduce unemployment rate.

Shukria Kohistani

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