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Taliban should observe Govt.’s cease-fire offer


Chief of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has welcomed the strong interest showed by King Salman King of the Saudi Arabia in advancing the cause of reconciliation in Afghanistan and the Muslim world.

The king of Saudi Arabia has also, reportedly said that he has followed with great interest the truce reached over Eid-ul-Fitr between the government of Afghanistan and Taliban and expressed his wishes for the truce to continue for a longer period of time.

According to a statement from the Royal Court, the king also expressed his pleasure over the blessed step and noted that his country would support the move.

The Afghan people who have suffered so much from the horrors of war, and the Islamic world with them, are looking forward to turning the page of the past and to open a new page based on tolerance and reconciliation, renouncing violence and preserving the lives of innocent people based on the great Islamic teachings that call for rejecting division, and for cooperation for righteousness and piety, and forgiveness and reconciliation among the brothers, said the Royal Court’s statement.

Peace is not something to only be praised for being in the interest of development and progress, but this has lodged the spirit of brotherhood and a practice to the Almighty Allah’s order to seek welfare and tranquility of the human being and their peaceful living worldwide, as the king of the Saudi Arabia hoped the cease-fire evinced by the Afghan president could bring success to the ‘Afghan brothers in achieving what is best for their country, and to reconcile them and to bring about security and stability to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and its dear people.’

Despites the Taliban failure to continue observing the ensuing announced cease-fire of the government, and their recent wicked momentum to kill and wound tens of security forces, the government of Afghanistan once again announced a temporal truce, vowing to continue it until up to one year, if the Taliban agreed.

If continuation conflicts, in Afghanistan could give positive result, Taliban would have won the game over the past more than 17 years of their involvement in war with the government forces; but they should have realized war was not an option to get success, but it is a wicked unsuccessful strategy imposed by the aliens and the regional spy agencies.

So, all government armed oppositions should be aware of what are they doing and what the people, including women and children of their country suffering from.

As their fighters, upon entering the big cities of the country, were warmly welcomed during the Eid-al-Fitr’s three day cease-fire, they would be welcomed forever and praised for their plan of accepting peace offer and taking part in their country’s cease-fire.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.